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Day 24: A character you wish was in the anime

I will forever be upset Touko didn’t even get a “World of Pokemon” segment. I mean I though having her be a rival  who knew Dento would have been neat too but not even a tiny anime appearance in those little movie segments?  

I used a lot of the quiz book because dorky Touko is my headcanon Touko.

Credit to pacificpikachu for the scans! 



Here are some of the Eliza concepts I did that show up in the game in one form or another. She’s fun to do concepts for ;w;/

A reminder to those in Los Angeles for Anime Expo! (I apologize, I might make another post soon, with a map!)

I will be in artist alley! Stop by if you can.

You can find me (o_8) at table D39.

Persona and Black will be at table D40.

Animoose will be at table D41 with Brokentrain

EU03 will be at D40.

Kinuko will be at table C66 with Tyson Hesse. 

We will also have a Skullgirls panel on Saturday July 5th.

Time: 6:15 PM

Location: LP3

See you there!

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